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Celebrity Gallery 2021

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Dr. Rob Carpenter - known simply as “Dr. Rob” -changes lives for a living. He is a trained social scientist, transformational author, movie director, and speaker whose mission is to empower and entertain people around the world so they can live their best lives. He has been featured in People Magazine, the New York Times, and Business Insider, among others. Dr. Rob has also been a filmmaker for the 2x Emmy Award winning USC Media Institute for Social Change, is a former professor and startup CEO, and has worked and lectured around the world. He is the author of upcoming book The 48 Laws of Happiness: Secrets Revealed For Becoming the Happiest You; writer and director of the film American Dropout; founder of the School of Happiness; host of The Dr. Rob Show podcast; and has hundreds of resources available on his website (coming 2021) to help make people’s lives better. Dr. Rob has also been an activist and innovator around the world. He co-founded Students Against Genocide when he was 19, which mobilized 50,000 students against genocide in Darfur, Sudan, which helped force UN peacekeepers to end the mass murder of millions of people. At 23, was appointed as the youngest Commissioner of Transportation in the history of Los Angeles where he saved 100 ambulance worker jobs and exposed $217 million dollars in fraud. Dr. Rob received his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College, M.A. from Northwestern University and doctoral degree from the University of Southern California.

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